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You’re likely very familiar with the fact that children learn a ton from their parents by following their example. From words they use to how they act in school, kids learn a lot just from observation.

They can also learn a lot about the importance of oral health from observing you and your spouse making oral health a priority in your home. To help you understand why it’s such a big deal to help kids understand this, let’s look at a few points Dr. Adam Rauzman brings up.

Always make sure they brush, and see you brushing

One of the best ways children learn is by following an example. If you make it a point to show your kids that you brush and floss, then encourage them to do the same, it’ll be much easier to sell them on the fact that oral health is important, and something they need to be aware of.

Regular checkups

Another thing you can do as a parent is to ensure that your family goes to the dentist together for their regularly scheduled cleanings. This shows your children that the dentist is a normal, non-worrisome part of life, and it also makes sure their teeth stay healthy as they grow.

There’s no excuse to not set a good oral health example for your kids. If you need more help with it, call us today at 973-427-4201 for more information.