The Importance of Flossing

Flossing is an important step many people seem to skip. As a result, it leads to painful and costly consequences that could have been prevented. To help you understand the importance of flossing, our team here at in , , is happy to talk to you about why flossing is essential to your oral health…. Read more »

What Kind of Toothbrush Should I Use?

Do you feel confused at the store when you see the sea of toothbrushes and wonder which one is best for you? If so, then you are not alone. Having multiple products to choose from raises questions like which one should you pick? That is why, our team at in , , is happy to… Read more »

Improve Your Smile With Dental Crowns

Are you looking for a way to restore your smile? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people wish their smile was like they see in the movies. Now, your smile could be restored thanks to dental crowns. Here at in , , our professional dental team offers dental crowns as a way to… Read more »

Is Your Smile Ready to Test Its Mettle against the Oral Health Care Quiz?

How well do you care for your teeth? Would you say that your smile is being treated as well as possible? To test your oral health care, take the following oral health care quiz: – Do you floss every day? – Do you eat healthy meals every day, avoiding sugary snacks and indulging in foods… Read more »

Invisalign® Can Improve Your Smile

Did you know, Invisalign® can dramatically improve your smile discreetly? Well, it’s true! If you are looking to straighten your smile then you have come to the right place! Our office here at in , , is proud to offer Invisalign as a way of improving your smile and your oral health. Invisalign is a… Read more »

Tricks for Adding Freshness to Your Breath

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed when you’re spending time with your lover because of bad breath? If so, you’ve come to the right blog. Dr. Clark and our dental team completely understand your predicament. Bad breath, which is also known as halitosis, plagues many people in the world today. Luckily, there are things you… Read more »

How Age Affects Your Teeth

You may already know that there are quite a few things you should do if you would like to protect your oral health. Still, have you heard that your pearly whites don’t actually weaken on their own? Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to stop your teeth from weakening as you age…. Read more »

How to Improve Your Oral Health through Your Eating Habits

Did you know that you can improve your oral health through your eating habits? Not only can you keep your mouth safer and cleaner by avoiding unhealthy products such as those high in sugars, but you can also eat foods that can help strengthen the thin protective layer on your teeth known as tooth enamel…. Read more »

Amalgam and Composite Fillings Can Often Be Used to Repair a Modest-Sized Cavity

Tooth decay is always a serious cause for concern. Without timely, professional care, a cavity will inevitably continue to spread, allowing bacteria to permeate more and more of the tooth. Early symptoms of a decayed tooth could include a change in the tooth’s texture, alterations in color as well as heightened sensitivity. With early detection,… Read more »

Smoking and Your Teeth: The Negative Effects

You’ve probably been told that there are many things you should avoid if you’re interested in having a strong, healthy smile. In fact, you probably know that there are some sugary drinks you should be wary of, including drinks such as soda and juice. Conversely, you may know that smoking cigarettes can lead to many… Read more »