I love the staff, Jennifer is terrific and Dr. Rauzman’s assistant was great. Everyone does an outstanding job of making you feel welcome and comfortable.   MAURA T.


Everyone is extremely friendly and always makes sure to put my needs first and make sure I’m comfortable, which I very much appreciate.     STACEY M.


Susan was outstanding, best cleaning I have ever had, Nancy at front desk makes the patients feel so welcome and relaxed, What an outstanding team!     Jacqueline G.


What a wonderful office you have. What took me so long to come in??? :-)    KATHY H.

Robert M.

I have been a patient since 1988. Everyone there is great. Dee has been fantastic over the years. I look forward to seeing her each visit. Everyone else is also fantastic.   Robert M.

Karen M.

Nancy, Sue, Jennifer and of course Dr. Rauzman make me feel comfortable, at ease and well-looked after the minute I step through the door. I was a HUGE coward when it came to the dentist – Dr. Rauzman and his staff are professional, extremely competent and non-judgmental. They make me look forward to going to the dentist!     Karen M.


Great, friendly staff who make you feel comfortable even during dental work. Dr. Rauzman is super. Plus, from an old lady’s point of view, he’s a cutie.   JEAN C.


What I liked most about my dental visit was the efficiency!  The appointment was on time.  I could definitely feel the difference from the cleaning.  I was also impressed by the technology.  The overall experience was wonderful!   PATRICK H.


Marla is always teaching me something new. She is very knowledgeable and is very thorough. I feel like she is really taking care of me and I think she is wonderful. Dr.Rauzman is very gentle and makes me feel at ease when I see him. They make a great team!      DEBORAH B.


I have been a patient for a very long time (30 years?). I think that says it all!   GAIL K.


I loved everyone in the office.  I was greeted as soon as I walked in and everyone was SUPER friendly.  I really loved my hygenist, Sue.  She was awesome!   KARINA H.


Been a patient for many years. Would not change one thing on how the practice operates. Also, please make sure I always have Marla as my Tech. For a not so fun thing to have your teeth clean she makes me enjoy every minute.    Caren C.


From the moment you step foot into Dr. Rauzman’s waiting room, the patient is graciously welcomed, has a chance to get their bearings and relax with a magazine until they are called in to begin their appointment. Dr. Rauzman is current on all the latest dental practices/procedures and truly puts his patients at ease along with his staff of professional, talented and kind dental office staff, assistants and hygienists. As someone who “feared” the dentist – Dr. Rauzman’s expertise and calming manner put me at such ease that I now look forward to each visit and relax to the point where I almost fall asleep. The whole-office visit is so appealing I don’t mind the 30 minute commute each way. Dr. Rauzman and his staff earn EXCELLENT ratings every visit by providing a high-end dental experience in a close neighborhood setting.    KAREN M.


Everyone at the office is amazing. Nancy has been a true inspiration from the very beginning and I can’t thank her enough. Dr. Rauzman makes every visit pleasurable instead of horrifying. With his great sense of humor and his patient mannerisms in explaining everything to you, what more could one ask for?      ARLENE J.

Elizabeth T.

The overall care I received from the office was Exceptional!!!  From my initial call to the office- the compassion and assurance made me comfortable.  Dr. Rauzman was THE best, No pain. Completely put me at ease.  He really understood my fear and had so much patience. Everyone was calming!  They understood my fears- addressed them and did not dismiss them.  Instead, everyone took their time- answered my questions and helped make my experience a breeze!

I do not dread my future visits!   Elizabeth T.



Professional and warm office!   J.MARTIN


Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable since I was nervous about coming because I haven’t been to the dentist in a couple of years. I feel bad I don’t remember the name of the lady that was above and beyond friendly and made me feel so comfortable.   STACEY M.


Everyone is great. I’m not a big fan of going to the dentist, but you make my experience a good one. Great customer service, and always greeted in good spirits.     D. REYES

Neil B.

Everyone was completely professional and pleasant. The cleaning was very thorough. Dr Rauzman spent extra time to understand my needs. Thank you.    NEIL B.

Erica C.

Friendliest staff that I have ever met. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them. The office was clean and beautiful. They are very organized and efficient. The hygIenist explained everything she was doing and what to expect. She was very kind and friendly.   ERICA C.

Maggie M.

Best dental experience … Bar NONE!  MAGGIE M.

Nancy P.

Dr, hygienist and your office staff are very professional and courteous. Each individual that I worked with made me feel like a valued patient/client.   NANCY P.

Stephanie M.

I had a wonderful experience and would refer to friends and family. The personnel was very friendly and helpful and nice clean offices. A+     Stephanie M.

William M. Jr.

Your entire staff was superb…from my initial encounter at the window to payment process. Always a pleasure at your office and that isn’t very often said about a visit to the dentist.  William M. Jr.

Victoria H.

I am an artist, so I was visually impressed with your office décor, everything and everyone is beautiful!  Procastination and fear kept me from going to a dentist.  I found a Groupon deal for the office which led me to a beautiful website, beautiful pictures of office and staff (if website had been bad and office/staff ugly I would not have come in… hahaha).  I felt comfortable, not anxious during my dental care.  I knew I was in great hands and in a beautiful, clean environment with a state of the art practice offering great and reasonable prices.  The overall care I received was the Best!  Dr. Rauzman solved the dental issues I came for.  Unlike most of the time I go to the dentist, this time I LOVED the experience.  Dr. Rauzman and the Hygienist I saw were super nice.  Victoria H.

John E.

I was very happy!  I will recommend anyone that asks me who I use.  Thank you for being an honest office and also very professional in making the decision on the repair of my teeth.  Several options for my treatment were discussed and finances were clearly explained and well documented.  On each occasion during my treatment process I was asked if I was experiencing any pain and if the fit was ok.  Dr. Rauzman was very confident in his work as was the dental assistant.  Dr. Rauzman would not accept “good enough”, it had to be perfect.  The work I had done has improved my life because I can now chew without feeling movement or pain in my teeth or right ear.  The overall care was Excellent!   John E.

Ammie B.

I adore the whole team! You ROCK, Dr Rauzman!

Shereka D.

My dental appointments are always pleasant. The staff always has a smile and are genuinely interested in what’s going on with you from the dental aspect as well as personal. I enjoy going for my dental visits and pretty soon I’ll have the million dollar smile I’ve always dreamed of thanks to Dr.Rauzman and his staff. Thanks keep doing what your doing I wouldn’t change a thing.  Shereka D.

Laurie A.

Everything was perfect. As a devoted Dr. Pallotta patient for 40 plus years, I am so pleased that Dr. Rauzman is continuing to treat patients with the kindness and caring I’ve come to enjoy.  Laurie A.

Sam D.

The front desk staff were a pleasure to meet. Reception and scheduling by Nancy was efficient and effortless. My dental hygienist, Susan, was a joy to have work done by. Dr. Ray’s man was also very polite and professional. Overall, the entire team exhibited a very personal aura and a wonderful experience was had. Highly recommended!  Sam D.