Sex Tip2

Sex Tip

Sex Tip : Here’s a great sex tip. If you plan to actually have sex with a woman, you should plan to stop sex sometime. That’s no secret.

It’s not necessarily meant to be done during foreplay. It can be in the middle of sex if you so desire. Many women need to be “in the moment” and not just thinking about sex. Here’s the sex tip of the week:

Have sex when she least expects it.

That’s right. Do not enter her until she’s not expecting it. I stress this a lot when I talk to couples. Many couples come to me and they want to have sex again, and their relationship is on the rocks.


The woman isn’t really “in the mood”. You think she’s not in the mood because she says she’s really tired all the time or she says she’s about to start her period. That’s all a part of the reason she isn’t in the mood.

So, how do you change her “in the mood” to “in the mood” and get her to want you?

It’s pretty simple: don’t do what she wants. Ask her if she wants you, if she likes you, if she wants you to have sex with her. But, don’t give the answer out of guilt or embarrassment.

Then, spend the time. Get to know her and learn her wants and needs. In the middle of the sexual encounter, do something really special for her. This could be as simple as doing the dishes afterward.

A lot of guys would think that this is a huge con game, but the truth is that it’s a simple case of getting to know her and learn what she needs.

Learn what motivates her.

Not just her “intravaginal muscles” but her mind and emotions. You can do this by talking with her. Many women are very insecure about their body and their appearance. Many women issues how they feel about the way they look everyday, so the last thing she wants to be told is how great she looks.

But if you know how to talk with her, you can subtly tell her that you love the way she looks. You can tell her that you appreciate her. This is a sure way to get her in the mood, believe me.

If you show appreciation verbally, it will be a big turn on for her.

Food is a common example.

Telling her that you love eating there would mean a lot to most women. But you can go further than that. Eating there every day for 30 days could get her disciplined enough to have sex with you every day.

There are many ways to show affection.

How about a foot rub? You patted her foot and rubbed it a few minutes ago, there’s no reason you can’t do that again.

Lots of guys overlook this aspect of affection. They just focus on the sex and say “and that’s that”.

Sex is just a part of the relationship, and shouldn’t be seen as the main attraction of the relationship. If you make love only to get sex, then you’re only experiencing half the solution to this problem.

The other half of the solution is making her feel safe and comfortable with you. This makes her feel attractive and could very well get her in the bedroom and closer to orgasm before she even realizes it.