Suffering from a Toothache? Root Canal Therapy is the Painless Way to Restore Your Damaged Tooth

By Dr. Rauzman and Dr. Alex Kim- Hawthorne NJ Dentist and Endodontist

Root canal therapy is a painless way to restore your damaged tooth

If you are suffering from a toothache, your damaged or decayed tooth may need “Root Canal Therapy” to repair it.

Don’t worry, this is a painless procedure with today’s modern dental technologies!


How Root Canal Therapy Works:

When decay has infected the nerve of your tooth “endodontic care” (a “root canal”) may become necessary. But, let’s be honest: nobody wants to undergo a “root canal!” Fortunately you can get a root canal with little or no discomfort and save your tooth to last for many decades to come.

When you need root canal therapy, you want the fastest, most effective procedure. You also want to be in and out of that dental chair as fast as possible with NO PAIN.  Dr. Adam Rauzman and Dr. Kim understand your priorities and will provide you with gentle and thorough endodontic care for your unique situation.

If you want a safe, effective, quick root canal, we encourage you to call the Hawthorne New Jersey dental office of Dr. Adam Rauzman today.

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