Narcotics Misuse

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Narcotics Misuse

Narcotics Misuse : The US Food and Drug Administration recently announced that it was beefing up efforts to curb unsafe use of 24 narcotics products used as pharmaceutical drugs. In its first such measure the regulator sent 16 companies making these products letters, warning each of them that they were in violation of the 1994convocation that shrunk the amount of money and drugs approved by the FDA

5 Reasons Why the FDA’s Furious Over Narcotics Misuse

1. The panel for the FDA’s board of directors can itself make drug regulations. There is a five-person panel for this purpose, made up of people who can be openly critical of the regulator. Some of these officials have already lost their lifetime voting rights, lifetime appointments to the board, and can be removed from the board immediately.

2. The division of labor among the FDA staff could be a source of corruption. The employees at the FDA are so heavily recruited from the pharmaceutical industry that many do not fill out work release forms sparingly. Many employees would rather work closely with the drug companies for a living, getting their own piece of the action, money to spend and status to show. corruption is quiet everyday. It is a source of frustration for the FDA division in charge of regulating the drug market.

3. Money and politics are often a problem in the FDA division at its present stage, as the agency is weak and ineffective in its regulatory role. In the last Congress there was a formidable struggle by some of the national drug companies, who felt that the consumer involving agency should not be allowed to regulate them. Cartels have a lot to do with Washington policies and a weak FDA in Washington would practically harm all manufacturing states. With the concentration of manufacturing power in the hands of big drug companies, and the Washingtonoids in Congress, getting anything done will be difficult.

4. Is the FDAimmune to pressure?The FDA is believed to be fairly immune to pressures put on it by congress, the American public, and the media. This is largely because its regulations are turf for Congress and the national press. FDA rules are published online for all to see. Congress can circulate them, the public can read them, and the press can report on them. FDA regulations are sozenough for public consumption.

5. Is the FDAimmune to bribes?The FDA Does seem pretty immune to pressure, but who knows how much the Washington Hands really think of the public. Remember that the FDA is an agency that vets fish and meat products, food and drugs. Who thinks that big drug companies have a right to influence the FDA through corruption and purchase of office staff and safety inspectors? legitimacy is so low that the agency relies on corruption to function properly. The agency employs 600,000 people. With corruption in government, you can expect anything under the sun.