How to Make a Man Orgasm


Nothing is more satisfying for your man than you performing fellatio on him. Now if you perform a good job he will be nice and pleasant, but if you give him a bad job he will be unpleasant.  Bad oral sex has led to cheating and potential cheating.

So if you are a woman worried about giving your man bad oral sex then you should do what I am about to tell you. It will not only give him a great experience but will also give you a refund for it.

Here are some herbal sexual enhancers that you can use to give a better blow job.

Cayenne- Giving him oral sex after a night of drinking is always intense. hitting up a few drinks will take his enjoyment up a notch. Not only will his penis taste better it will feel better and he will be in a better mood.

Pine Nuts- Instead of just using the pine nuts just chew on them, this will create a chemical in his brain that will make him feel better. So basically you are giving him a piece of something sweet to take away the taste of his penis.

Garlic- There is a certain smell that a girl can give to a guy that will drive him crazy. It is a strange smell but just the scent of it makes him go crazy. So if you are sick of the garlic smell you should try functioning the way he wants you to. Put the garlic in your mouth and then just let him eat it. Garlic is strong and can be a little overpowering but this will not be a problem.

Sweet Sensual Massage- One of the best ways to get him in the mood for lovemaking is to give him a sensual massage. This will get him relaxed and ready for your sexual advances. Mac always says that he likes his massage oils to smell like pop in a motel. So make sure you use the deepest oriental cleanser you can find. I also suggest that you hypnotize him (although this is a guide for women to give to men).

Turn on the Pornographer- You know the name, this is the collection of videos that will turn your man on. This is up your sleeve(besides the box). Try watching these porn movies pornography to get him in the mood. The lighting should be soft and flattering to your skin, and candles and some sexy music will make this movie very special.

manipulate his penis(abuse it) during your foreplay. Make him feel addicted to your touch make him feel wanted, and allow you to fondle, kiss, suck and even torture him. This will make him feel Incredible.

Penetration- You want to position yourself in a way that will give you control. this way you will be able to dictate the rhythm and speed of penetration(remember do not rush it take your time).

Dirty Talking- This is very helpful if you want something… whisper, moan, offer sounds of pleasure… to turn him on.

Allow him to thrust against your clitoris, this is a sure way to make you climax and experience an explosive orgasm.

When doing intercourse alternate between a slow and fast pace. Make him go slow and fast to avoid overstimulation.

Always try new things. If you usually do it slowly and gently that’s great try speeding it up and doing it deeply every time. Change positions often this will keep him guessing what’s coming up next.

This guide to making a man orgasm goes a long way to helping you to become a better lover. It does however require a good understanding of sexual anatomy, and technique as well as having a creative mind. Hopefully, this guide to making a man orgasm will help you go a long way in the bedroom.