Dentures – A Comfortable and Reliable Solution for Replacing Missing Teeth

By Dr. Rauzman – Hawthorne NJ Cosmetic Dentist

Dentures in Hawthorne New Jersey

Dentures are a comfortable and reliable solution for missing teeth

Today’s advances in dental implants and painless surgical technology can make your dentures just as functional, stable and beautiful as your real teeth.Are you considering dentures to replace missing teeth? Or do your current dentures slip or fit uncomfortably?

Learn more about Dentures by Dr. Rauzman, Hawthorne NJ Cosmetic Dentist.

Benefits of Dentures:

  • Comfortable and reliable – Today’s advances in technology ensure your dentures are as functional and beautiful as your real teeth without the embarrassing slipping that plague old dentures.
  • Natural looking – Modern dentures look real just like your natural teeth and ensure you’ll have an attractive smile.
  • Easier chewing – Our dentures function and look just like your original teeth and allow you to eat your favorite foods with confidence without slipping.

How Dentures Work:

Hawthorne NJ Dentures

If all of your teeth are missing or require removal due to excessive decay or damage, complete dentures are the ideal option. If you have a certain number of healthy teeth remaining, partial dentures are also an effective solution.

Dr. Rauzman can create a full or partial denture to restore the original function and aesthetics of your natural teeth while restoring your bite pressure to allow you to chew and eat food again. Plus, we can deliver your dentures in only three visits, compared to traditional techniques that require several months to complete.

If you are considering dentures, we encourage you to visit our Hawthorne NJ dental office. Dr. Rauzman will answer all your questions and help you understand every aspect of how dentures can give you a new smile.

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